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Every time I come across a new Dr. Stoner’s spirit, I have to try it. The taste and consistency is so smooth, from the vodka and tequila to the whiskey. But my favorite thing about Dr. Stoner’s is the versatility. Each liquor is a solid for sipping, but also adds nuance to my mixed cocktails. The smoky tequila makes delicious Palomas and the herbal vodka makes a really fresh Bloody Mary. Fingers crossed they start selling the rum near me soon!”


Let’s talk about the OG of Dr. Stoner’s–the one that started it all–Fresh Herb Vodka! I’ll be honest, when it comes to sipping spirits, my preferred pour is neat. No frills, just pure spirit. But when it comes to vodka, drinking it neat is the last thing that comes to mind. I usually try to drown it out in the midst of other ingredients. But Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herb Vodka is a game-changer! It is the first vodka that made me want to enjoy it neat and savor all of its amazing flavors!”


“Dr stoners is amazing and coming from someone who has tried the entire line up multiple times with the Rum and the CBD tinctures being my now favorites (once was the whiskey and the vodka). The sprits are smooth and flavorful, leaving you fully satisfied to drink any of them on the rocks or turning your favorite cocktail or concoction into something new entirely with DR stoners added into the mix.”


Dr. Stoners is one of my new go to whiskeys! Smooth and delicious with an amazing aroma from the first sip to the last!”


“Dr. Stoner’s Smokey Herb is my absolute go to drink – it’s the perfect balance of robust flavor with a clean and smooth finish. Just the right amount of sweet and earthy flavors makes this whiskey one of my favorites!”